Sunday, August 12, 2018

Experimental cooking

I try to cook several meals on Saturday or Sunday for the week ahead. I spend too much money on lunch and coffee; it's ridiculous. Better to prepare my own meals and take them to work.

One dish that I've been experimenting with for several weeks is fried rice. Sounds simple, but I've discovered there are nuances and options. It also takes longer to cook than stir fries and pasta dishes.

Last week I added nasi goreng paste and chilli paste. It made for quite a tasty meal but I thought the rice was too sticky.

Although I have a rice cooker, this is often a problem. Today I referred to Chef Google and dried the rice in the oven for a few minutes before putting it in the frying pan. Some of the grains became a little crunchy, but overall it was a good result.

The dish pictured has lots of olive oil, a small amount of sesame oil, turmeric (powder), salt, prawns, bacon, peas, beans, capsicum, chilli, two boiled eggs, onion, spring onion and cayenne pepper.

It's my best effort so far.

At the first attempt I used home-made basil pesto dip as well and I might add something similar next time.

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